IES the car tyre centre supply all leading brands of tyres at unbeatable prices.

We offer: 

  • Popular tyres and sizes held in stock
  • Daily deliveries from the mainland
  • Tyre fitting and balancing
  • Free collection/delivery service
  • Free tyre checking service - just call in with your car or van

Why should you check for wear?

Tyres become unsafe when they’re worn, giving less grip, especially on wet roads. Worn tyres can also affect braking ability.

Abnormal or uneven tread wear can indicate a mechanical defect on your vehicle such as steering, wheel alignment or brake. This is a sign that you need to take your car in for servicing soon.

As tyre wear is a gradual process it can be hard to tell when your tyres need changing.

Why should you check for damage?

Violent impact or kerbing can cause car tyres to develop cuts, cracks or bulges. Check your tyres regularly as damaged tyres may be illegal and can be dangerous.